Museum Staff

Interim Executive Director

Chris Slaughter


Program Coordinator

Erin Kiniry


Museum Coordinator

Erika Garcia


Museum in Motion

Jim Morrow-Volunteer


Program Assistants

Yahary Cardona

Noe Mendez

Geraldo Canongo








The mission of the Discovery Museum is to foster family and youth inspired learning by creating experiences to explore ourselves, our valley, our world, and beyond. The Museum’s exhibit and program-based ‘please touch’ atmosphere engenders the best in self-discovery as children and adults wonder together, getting into the spirit of learning.

Tuesdays 10-5

"Tuesday Tales" 3


Wednesdays 10-5

"Preschool Patrol" 10:45


Thursdays 10-5

"Homework Club" 3


Fridays 10-5


Saturdays 10-5

"Science Saturday"


Sundays 12-4


Mondays CLOSED

open for field trips




805-928-8414 705 S. McClelland St.